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Figur Construction Basement Remodel

Basements are often the last part of the home to be renovated or remodeled, as they are the least visible part of the home. That doesn't mean it is any less important. In-home theaters, wine cellars, exercise rooms, and in-law suites are among the most sought after basement remodels that add value to the house.


Lucky some basements are large enough to accommodate everything!

The key to basement success is thoughtfully planning through the complexities that can come with a basement remodel. Low ceilings, structural columns, and beams can be tough to work around. It is important to map out all of those details so that your remodel will be exactly what you've always dreamed of, while maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

Lowell J. Figur and the Figur Construction team are well versed in helping you to design and fit everything you want in your basement. Any high-end addition you have always looked forward to, Lowell can help transform your space to fit you vision.

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