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General Contracting
General Contracting



Starting a renovation or building project can be overwhelming. Finding the right people for the job shouldn't be.


That's where Lowell J. Figur as your general contractor comes in. The general contractor is your eyes, ears, and contact person on your construction project. They are there to make your life easier. They will organize and coordinate with all tradespeople and suppliers, manage the project schedule from beginning to end,  arrange for required permits and request all inspections that can often slow and sometimes stop a project. 

Lowell J. Figur brings years of experience to the role of general contractor.


He knows the ins and outs of the construction business, including building codes. His unparalled professionalism has allowed him to cultivate positive relationships with tradespeople in the Atlanta area, giving the projects he manages a leg-up for quick completion.


Lowell knows how to procure quality materials and labor at a reasonable price for the projects he manages. Most important, Lowell is skilled at dealing with the unexpected.


You can relax knowing that the knowledge and service you find at Figur Construction with Lowell J. Figur at the helm will make any renovation or building project go smoothly.  

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