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Commercial Restrooms

Commercial renovation is a great way to improve the appearance and value of your commercial property in Atlanta. If you’re not sure where to begin, nothing shows a building’s age more than an out-of-date or rundown commercial bathroom.


If your facility’s restrooms are more than fifteen years old, you should definitely consider an upgrade.

Environmental Concerns

In last twenty years, major advancements have been made in energy efficiency and water saving technologies related to commercial bathroom fixtures.


Aerators for sink faucets, low-flow toilets and touch-less valves on sinks are some of the ways these innovations conserve our precious natural resources.

Figur Construction Commercial Restroom Bathroom

*Example of Project

Other advancements include:


Energy efficient light fixtures

Waterless urinals

Faucet flow restrictors

Motion sensors for lights

By renovating your commercial bathroom, you’re able to take advantage of these

energy and water-saving innovations. 


Common supplies such as soap and paper towels can also be reduced through the use of using automatic dispensers hand dryers.


Old bathrooms looking dingy even when they’re clean. Worse yet, old bathrooms can make your employees and customers cringe. Naturally, there are issues that come up over time and many might be able to be fixed easily by a good maintenance man, but big problems only become worse if you don’t take action.

Pitted countertops, cracks in tiles, dim lighting, poor plumbing, stained sinks and walls aren’t easy projects. The only way to create a bathroom that looks new is by making the investment into a commercial bathroom renovation.


New sinks, tiles, lighting and fixtures transform your commercial bathroom‘s appearance.


Touch-less air dryers, paper towel dispensers, and sink faucets not only save commodities, but help stop germs from spreading.


Commercial bathrooms that don’t have features like these, mean you’re losing money since employees spread germs, take sick days, and can infect coworkers and customers also.

By improving your commercial bathroom‘s sanitary conditions by using modern,  touch-less fixtures can result in improved productivity and better employee health.

Save Money

If helping to save the environment isn’t enough reason for installing low-energy fixtures in your commercial restroom, how about cost savings? 


Yes, commercial bathroom renovations often present a sizable cost, however the savings by installing energy-efficient fixtures are significant. Your new commercial bathroom remodel reduces waste and saves energy, resulting in lower water usage, electricity costs, and commodities such as paper towels and toilet paper.

Commercial bathroom upgrades can help save money in more ways as well. With brand-new fixtures, maintenance costs for your commercial restroom renovation will be greatly reduce when compared to the costs of continuing to maintain a run-down restroom.

Improve Your Reputation

Customers, clients,  and employees all notice your outdated commercial bathroom, and leaves a negative image of your business in their mind. 


By investing in a new commercial bathroom renovation displays that you care about the comfort your workers and your visitors.


Making improvements to water conservation and energy savings to your commercial restroom shows clients that you’re not only thinking green but you have money to invest in helping save the planet. Your visitors and workers will remember this, just like they  notice if your commercial bathroom needs an upgrade.

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