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Exterior Upgrades


Your home’s exterior speaks volumes about the inside of your home.


An up-to-date, well-designed exterior, instead of one which is drab or outdated,  creates a positive first impression of your home’s design and feel, and can shorten the time your home is on the market when you’re ready to sell.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to enjoy spectacular curb appeal. There are budget-friendly ways that can lead to major transformations. Figur Construction is the expert in helping Atlanta homeowners create dramatic exterior updates to their homes.

For example, if you decide that  you’d like to make a radical improvement to your home’s exterior without incurring major expenses, you might consider a new entry door, or energy-efficient windows to replace the old wood, single pane originals. Or perhaps you can add new glass, durable frames to freshen up every window, protect against drafts and lower heating and cooling costs.

If, however, you’re willing to go for a higher cost option, a more welcoming entry can be made by expanding the front porch and using composite decking materials for maintenance-free flooring. A cozy, intimate portico and an expansive wrap-around porch are great ideas that provide an architectural embrace.

A roof is not only functional – it’s also decorative. You might  consider replacing disintegrating, worn composite roofing materials with textured architectural shingles to provide brilliance to your home. Or add character by installing fish-scale shingles above your porch to provide accent colors for your home’s exterior distinction. 

These are just a few ideas that can make a  significant difference to the appearance of your home without emptying your pockets .


Be confident knowing that Figur Construction will lead the charge

to upgrade your home to the best it can be. 

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