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Kitchen Remodels


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s not just a place to prepare food — it’s for entertaining guests during your annual dinner party, bonding with your kids while baking cookies, and enjoying that late night glass of wine with your spouse.


The perfect kitchen meets all of your needs, which is why kitchen remodels are the

most common renovation projects. 

Whether you want farmhouse sinks, stainless steel appliances or custom countertops and cabinets, consulting with Figur Construction is the right decision for any dream kitchen renovation. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, you need Lowell’s experience and expertise to help you think outside of the box for your remodel.


He will listen carefully to your needs and vision, then make thoughtful recommendations based on those needs and your budget. Lowell understands that your kitchen renovation should reflect your own personal style, using colorful and high-quality materials without breaking the bank. 

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