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Restaurant Renovations

Figur Construction Restaurant Renovation

Whether you’re building a new restaurant, performing a restaurant remodel or remodeling an existing location, most restaurateurs find that even the largest spaces seem to shrink quickly when designing a dining room, commercial kitchen, restrooms, a bar, storage areas, and wait stations into their location. 

Figur Construction will help you plan your restaurant from initial design to the service of the first ticket.


There’s a lot to be considered. You may have commercial kitchen equipment that has special electrical requirements, or you might not be aware that fire safety regulations require restaurant kitchens to have ventilation hoods and sprinkler systems in place. And in the dining room, you’ll have to consider lighting fixtures and air conditioning unit placements. 
Understanding what has to be done in your restaurant renovation will allow you to keep your initial budget under control.

Figur Construction will take the lead of your project so you can focus on taking control of your business. 

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