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Bathroom Remodels


A bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms of the home to renovate, which is why bathroom renovations have the biggest overall impact on the value of your home.

As you prepare to renovate your bathroom, you should keep in mind the needs of your family as well as the desires of future homebuyers. For example, if your family prefers showers to baths, don’t feel you have to include a bathtub -- use that extra space for a large storage cabinet or a double vanity.


Keep in mind, however, that a future homeowner might want a tub, so you should make sure that there’s at least one tub in the house. 

Lowell will help you determine how to best use your space to fit your needs, advise you regarding the best materials you should use, and map out a strategy to give you the bathroom upgrade of your dreams. Walk-in showers and double vanity sinks are becoming more and more in demand, while jacuzzis, oversized tubs, and plenty of bathroom storage are also popular.


For large families, you may want to separate the shower, toilet, and sink from one another so that multiple people can use the space at the same time. 

Ultimately, what can be practical for your family is probably going to be practical for your potential buyers in the future, so you should go with what is most comfortable for your family first. 

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